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On Demand Legal Solutions for Skilled Nursing Facilities

EVOLVE is the faster, easier, and more economical way for skilled nursing facilities to obtain the tools that they need to respond to common legal and regulatory matters.


Attorney-Curated Content: EVOLVE comes from a team of long-term care lawyers who wanted to find a way to share their expertise with a wider audience, and at a reduced price.


Practical: EVOLVE aims to provide skilled nursing facilities practical guidance, tools, and solutions to assist with common, everyday legal and regulatory issues.


Designed for SNFs: EVOLVE was designed specifically for skilled nursing facilities, with their unique operations and requirements of participation in mind.

We know that lawyers can be expensive. And we also know that you don’t want to have to call a lawyer each time an issue arises. Save time and money by using EVOLVE.

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Skilled Nursing Products

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EVOLVE Tools & Solutions

Subscribers to EVOLVE have access to manuals, policies, procedures, training modules, protocols, and other risk management tools. EVOLVE's growing line of products includes compliance, admissions, and revenue. Our tools and resources are uniquely tailored to help skilled nursing facilities.

Although the information we provide on EVOLVE is not legal advice, it is lawyer-drafted and lawyer-curated content. EVOLVE was uniquely developed by attorneys who specialize in representing long-term care, post-acute providers, and who understand their business and organizational risks. Our practical experience and dedication to long-term and post-acute care gives us valuable insight into the unique risks and challenges facing skilled nursing facilities.

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