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The Evolution of

Evolve Legal

Our Mission

The mission of EVOLVE is to provide skilled nursing facilities the necessary tools and materials to become proficient in relevant regulatory, legal, and compliance issues as they arise. We want organizations to have easy access to the information that they need for well-functioning compliance, privacy, contracting, revenue, and other departments. And we also want that information to be current and timely. Our aim is to make EVOLVE a community where you can learn from our practical experiences, but also share information and experiences with others.

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Legal Problems

Let's Face It... Lawyers are expensive!

If they weren’t, you’d be calling them each and every time that you have a question. But you’re facing tightening reimbursement and trying to limit your legal expenses, and with good reason. You want to call your lawyers only when you absolutely have to. But you also know that lawyers know a lot of stuff, and they have information that can help you to run your business.

What if there was an easier, more economical way for you to get that information? What if you could tap into the minds and resources of a host of long-term care lawyers without even having to pick up the phone, or wait for a reply to an email?

Economical Legal Advice
Evolve Solutions

You can with EVOLVE!

At EVOLVE, we harness the power of technology so that we can share our expertise with a wider audience at a reduced price.

We don’t think providers should have to engage legal counsel each time a question arises, but they need to have a trusted source to educate themselves.

Subscribers to EVOLVE have access to manuals, policies and procedures, training modules, protocols, summaries of applicable laws, and more. And EVOLVE is constantly (dare we say it?) evolving by updating and adding more materials so that your organization will have the most up-to-date information and materials at their fingertips.

We recognize of course, that in some situations, there is no replacement for a discussion with a real-life human being. And some situations are so serious that EVOLVE subscribers are still going to need to make the call to legal counsel and bring in the experts. But our hope is that EVOLVE can help you to recognize when those situations arise, as well as avoid them more often in the first place.