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EVOLVE Contracts is the source for plain language, easy-to-use SNF operational contracts. Our contract tracking tools and negotiation guidance empower SNFs to better manage their vendor contracting process and avoid pitfalls in the negotiation process.

In Development

Contract Management for Skilled Nursing Facilities

What is EVOLVE Contracts? A Contract Management Solution Designed for SNFs.


Our contract tracking system provides automatic alerts when contracts are up for renewal, so that you can avoid being inadvertently locked into long-term relationships.


Our agreements are drafted by long-term care lawyers who have years of experience negotiating vendor agreements on behalf of SNFs.


Contract guides provide expert, curated advice on the biggest risks and common traps associated with particular vendor engagements.


We draft our sample agreements in plain English so that you and the vendor can easily understand the terms of engagement and cut down on lengthy negotiations.

EVOLVE Contracts Coming Soon

EVOLVE Contracts is In Development!

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